Artist's self-portrait.

Actual in-game footage. You know, like that Killzone 2 trailer.

I don’t recall precisely what age I was introduced to my first video game, but it was young, perhaps 5 or 6. Like many families in the early eighties, we had our own home Pong system: Radio Shack Electronic TV scoreboard. It came with two Pong ‘paddle’ controllers – circular dials that controlled the on-screen paddles by turning the dial clockwise or counterclockwise. There were several modes of play beyond the classic pong, but I was partial to the hockey mode where you could control both a goalie and a single forward at the same time. There was a lot of fun to be had with only a few white pixels on a black screen.

And so a life-long hobby began. Yes, I did play Atari that day. And then I played with power – later on portable power. Afterwards I played loudly. I did underestimate the power of playing, but only briefly. There have been so many ways to play!

The is a catalog of every game I can remember playing (in-progress!), and also a creative outlet to flex my writing and other artistic muscles. I hope there’s something here you can enjoy.

The Aging Gamer

Surprisingly, I can be found on Twitter @seancfmcgregor. You can also find me on PSN and Miiverse as smcgrego.